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In a time when culture is globalized and accessible through smart devices and social media, art is switching to a series of multiple sources of equal interest, each bringing to the world its share of human history DNA. RUSSO YUBERO is aiming to be at the center of this whirlwind by bringing our collectors to meet a selection of international artists, both confirmed and newcomers. We wish to create bridges between cultures and offer a privileged place to upcoming artists from diverse horizons, which is the only way for art to pursue its prophetic mission. We believe the next great collections will be borne from this unique mix. We welcome you to discover in our Publishing section and in this website a selection of works from our artists, whose exhibitions take place both in our galleries located in the Geneva Freeport Building at a walking distance of Rolex and UBS headquarters, and in Chiang Mai, the new capital of upcoming Asian art, next to the reputed contemporary art MAIIAM Museum. We hope these works may inspire you and convey a glimpse of the future destiny of our endangered planet, altogether with the multiplicity and richness of its cultures and heritages.

Thu, Mar 05
Bernard Garo
March 2020
Opening Thursday March 5th 2020
Thu, Apr 23
Pichet Klunchun
April 2020
Opening Thursday April 23rd 6pm
Thu, Jun 04
Lampu Kansanoh
June 2020
Thu, Nov 19
Pannaphan Yodmanee
November 2020
Ouattara Watts
Exhibition Ouattara Watts


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