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2013 "Inspiration from Rice" At National Gallery - Bangkok

2014 SketchingBangkok By Bangkoksketcher At Cassia GalleryBangkok

2016 Watercolor Exhibition for The 234 years Anniversary of Rattanasin At 333 Bababa Gallery- Bangkok

2016 Amiable Group Exhibition At Chamchuri Art Gallery- Bangkok

2016 Thesis Art Exhibition 25th At Hof Art Gallery- Bangkok

2016 Young Artist Talent 7 At RCAC- Bangkok

2016 The Best Art Thesis Exhibition 2016 At The Queen GalleryBangkok

2016 Amiable 2nd At Chulalongkorn University

2017 IV BIENAL International 2017 At Caudete-Spain

2018 International Watercolor Society Watercolor & Love Exhibition At Ha-noi Vietnam

2018 Amiable 3rd Grow Up At 71 Art Space in Bangkok

2019 Hotel Art Fair At W Hotel - Bangkok AWARDS

2016 Second Award The 18th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Contest 2016 At The National Gallery - Bangkok

2017 Excellent award The 19th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Cotest 2017 At The National Gallery-Bangkok




2017 UNLEASHED Watercolor solo Exhibition At Chamchuri Art Gallery

2018 RE-INSPECTION Solo Exhibition At Le Meridien-Chiang Mai

2018 AFTERTASTE Solo Exhibition At People’s Gallery – Bangkok

2019 FRAGMENTS Solo Exhibition At G13 Gallery - Malaysia

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Born in 1994, Thai artist Aphisit Sidsunthia is exploring the effects of historical and personal events of our daily life on our imagination and dreams. His search is combining unexpected and improbable circumstances into one painting where different levels of reality interact, as they would in our dreams. The result is paintings that ask more questions than they give answers and summon our own imagination to reconcile the apparent disjunctions of the circumstances depicted in each work. This apparent contradiction is actually creating layers of consciousness into our own minds and invite us to reconsider the true relationship between evens occurring in our lives. 


After his graduation from Sillpakorn University, Aphisit Sidsunthia showcased his work in several solo shows in Thailand and Malaysia.