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Arthur Dorval was born in 1987 in St Saulve. Today he lives and works in Lisbon.
He nourishes very early a deep fascination for abstract painting.

After devoting his studies to illustration and design, he focuses his taste for the model and his passion for color towards a pictorial reinvention of the geometric image. From its beginnings in 2010, it develops a technique skilfully mixing colors and games of forms, in a principle of construction and balance driven by the attention to detail and perfection. Comparable to "painted sculptures", his geometric Eclosions give life to vibrating compositions of sensitivity and energy, where the open and closed fundamental forms join together in new volumes, carried by a work of colors and transparency freeing a unprecedented architecture, credible or not.

A contemporary vision of geometric art, Arthur Dorval's Eclosions also resonate with a futuristic imprint.

They place the artist among the most promising talents of optical art.

Expositions personnelles

2016 | Solo exhibition. Galerie Hubert Konrad, Paris (France)
2016 | David Bloch Gallery. Marrakech (Maroc)
2016 | « AFFINITES ABSTRAITES ». Galerie Wagner. Le Touquet (France)
2015 | « SENSITIVE EYE ». David Bloch Gallery. Marrakech (Maroc)
2015 | « AFFINITES ABSTRAITES ». Galerie Wagner. Le Touquet (France)
2015 | David Bloch Gallery. Marrakech (Maroc)
2014 | Galerie 713. Knokke Le Zoute (Belgique)
2013 | Galerie Dorval. Lille (France)
2013 | Galerie Baczyk de Souter. Cannes (France)
2013 | Galerie 713. Knokke Le Zoute (Belgique)
2013 | Galerie Radeski. Liège (Belgique)
2012 | Galerie Emeraude. Le Touquet (France)
2016 | Art Up Fair. Lille (France)
2015 | Art Up Fair. Lille (France)
2014 | Salon Yia Art Fair. Paris (France)
2014 | Art Up Fair. Lille (France)
2013 | Salon Lille Art Fair. Lille (France)
2012 | Salon Lille Art Fair. Lille (France)