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Théo Lopez invested himself very young in an artistic approach. In 2008, his meeting with the collective 9ème Concept encouraged him to take a decisive pictorial turn. Surrounded by established artists and driven by growing curiosity through his many travels to Russia, Israel or the United States, he extends his vision beyond his original aspirations. At 30, he shares his singular world through a keen eye.

Inspired initially by tribal and spiritual influences, Théo Lopez switches today in the abstract. Creating works loaded with motifs and optical effects at the beginning, his research today is guided by a need to return to the foundations, to the very essence of his line. Like the Russian Constructivists, European Lyrical Abstraction, American Abstract Expressionism or his Graffuturist contemporaries. He develops a poetry in the work of matter, line and color.


Experimentation is an integral part of the artist's creative process. The creation of a work thus constantly oscillates between two opposing but complementary concepts: reflection and spontaneity. His first work, spontaneous and intuitive, forms curved random writings and gestures that he then structures with straight lines and geometric shapes.

This repeated operation generates a transformation. The artist does not follow a pre-defined path, the painting is built in real time. Cut, break, trace, structure, cover, add, scratch, hide, reveal ... Theo Lopez conceives painting as a sculptor, playing with the random and causing the accident to be inspired by it. Metamorphosis emanates a hybrid poetry. The different layers merge, the colors interact, the lines vibrate and respond to each other, the accumulated painting takes on relief. These contrasts evoke flows of energies, subconscious gleams, the canvas is inhabited. Articulating in this way all these apparent contradictions, he manages to awaken between them secret harmonics, which ultimately will become the signature of his own style.